General terms and conditions


Valid from January 2018

Article 1: Definitions

1.1. OCR Camp: the Hang-On Run OCR Camp is organized by the foundation ’Survivalgroep Hang-On’. Participant: the person who is registered for participation with the organizer of the OCR Camp. Agreement; the agreement involving the participation of the participant in the OCR Camp. Organizer: Stichting Hang-On Run. 1.2. These terms and conditions are valid on all our agreements.

Article 2: Participation

2.1. The Participant must have reached the minimum age set by the organizer of the OCR Camp, on day of the OCR Camp will be held. 2.2. Participation in the OCR Camp is only possible by the Participant when he/she has filled out the registration form completely, truthfully, if the registration fee has been paid in full and if the Participant agreed with the general terms and conditions of the Organizer and the Survivalbond Nederland. 2.3. If the Participant is unable to take part in the OCR Camp, the paid registration fee will not be refunded. 2.4. The Organizer may decide, on the basis of exceptional circumstances, to cancel an OCR Camp. A decision of the Organizer to cancel an OCR Camp does not mean that the Participant will get the registration fee refunded and the Organizer cannot be made responsible for any other costs involved. 2.5. The Organizer is allowed to change the date of the OCR Camp.

Article 3: Responsibility

3.1. Participation is at your own risk. The Organizer is not responsible for any damages, whatsoever, that the Participant may suffer as a result of his/her participation. The Organizer will also not be responsible for any loss, or damage to the Participant’s property. 3.2. If, despite the provisions of the first paragraph, responsibility of the Organizer for damage to the Participant must be adopted, the obligation of the Organizer for compensation of the damage will be limited to the amount that the insurance of the Organizer pays in respect to the damage that has occurred. 3.3. The Participant must be insured against the risk of damage, which he/she or a survivor may suffer following his/her death, injury or illness caused by his/her participation in the OCR Camp. 3.4. The Participant declares that he/she is aware of the fact that participation is only possible in good health, in both the mental and physical sense, and declares that he/she meets these requirements and that he/she has trained or is fully prepared in any other way for the OCR Camp.

3.5. The Participant shall compensate the Organizer for any damage caused to third parties as a result of an act or omission attributable to the Participant in relation to the OCR Camp. The Participant must be insured against the risk of liability for incurred damages.

Article 4: Image rights

4.1. The Participant grants permission in advance to the Organizer for disclosure of photos and other imagery made during or around the OCR Camp in which the Participant may be visible.

Article 5: Personal data

5.1. The personal data provided by the Participant to the Organizer is incorporated in a file. By entering the Agreement, the Participant grants permission to the Organizer to use personal data and send information to the Participant and others, if needed. 5.2. By entering the Agreement, the Participant grants permission to the Organizer to disclose his/her name and publish competition results. For example, the Participant’s information could end up on the Internet or in a newspaper. 5.3 The Organizer has the right to use image material, which is made by a Participant during the OCR Camp, and publish it in any medium without mentioning the owner of the source.