The provisional schedule of the Hang-On OCR Camp can be found below. Please know that this schedule is not definitive and can change due to unforeseen circumstances. At least one week prior to the camp the participants will receive a definitive schedule.


12:00 Check-in
You can check in between 12.00 – 18.00. You will be welcomed by the team and we will take you to your bungalow / room.

19:00 First training: Kick off
On 19.00 we will officially start the camp. We’ll start with an easy training where you get to know the course, the organisation and your co-athletes.

21:00 Drink at the bar (optional)
Time for a casual drink at the bar in the restaurant.


9:00 Second training: Morning trail run
We’ll start the first official day of the training camp with a trail run trough the forests of national park ‘de Utrechtse Heuvelrug’. During the run we will stop a few times for specific running & bootcamp exercises.

Coffee and Tea break

10:00 Third training: Functional training
A specific obstacle warming up with the Hang-On racing team. The training will be given by the founder of Hang-On; Erik de Heer. He will give some tips and tricks and different strength exercises to increase your strength and endurance in obstacles.
13:00 Fourth training: Forest course
In the second training we’ll focus on basic obstacle techniques that can be used in different situations (rope climbing, going over obstacles, traversing, etc.). 2 groups will be made; 1 group will focus on the basics the other group will cover more advanced techniques based on the skill / strength of the participants.

00:00 Lunch
Lunch will be provided by at the RCN restaurant.

00:00 Fifth training: Urban Sky & Water Course
From the most common obstacles like vertical walls, monkey bars and rope climbs to difficult rigs and combination obstacles (like the ones we have at the Hang-On Run or the OCR European Championships). We will move from obstacle to obstacle and learn new techniques and tricks. We will also practice some buddy techniques for the team race.  Make sure to bring dry clothes, you might need them…

00:00 Dinner
After the final training and some time to recover in your bungalow where you can take a sauna and/or shower we will meet at the restaurant where you’ll receive a luxurious three-course dinner including drinks.


00:00 Sixth training: (easy) Sunday Morning trail run
This day we start with a trail run. Enjoy the beautiful forests and get some tips & tricks to run more efficient through different types of terrain.

00:00 Coffee and tea break
After a nice run enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a little treat.

00:00 Seventh training: Combi course
We will train different techniques at the forest course and have a challenge prepared for you

00:00 Lunch
Lunch will be provided by at the restaurant.

00:00 Eigth training: Obstacle mastermind
This day we will start at the water course. We will start with a warming up and repeat some of the techniques practiced the day before. Then we will play a game of Obstacle Mastermind: can you and your team crack the code first?

00:00 Ninth training: Speed
We will set out a few short race courses, each course focuses on a different aspect of OCR; speed, strength & technique. Now it is up to you to test your newly learned skills! participants will race against each other. The person with the fastest time overall on the water course challenge wins a small price.

00:00 Closing
Official closing of the training camp with a drink at the bar!


You can depart any time before 12 am.